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Kakaoceremoni och inka-workshop med INKARI den 21 oktober 2017!

Välkommen på workshop och kakaoceremoni med Inkari Tawa, internationellt erkänd shaman och mystiker från Peru. Den uråldriga visdomen från Anderna är levande, rik och kraftfull och hjälper oss omforma det begränsade och obalanserade moderna samhälle vi lever i. Den andiska visdomen innehåller insikter vi behöver både som individer och som kollektiv i denna tid som kallas Pachakutiq, The return of the great cycle.

Information och kontakt
Datum: 21 oktober 2017
Plats: Kinnegatan 21, Lidköping
Pris: 1200 SEK betalas i förväg via swish till 073-6969291
Tid: 11:00 – 18:00
Anmälan till: susaste@outlook.com eller via PM. Meddela i anmälan om du äter några mediciner.

• Inkatraditionen, principer, kosmologi och spiritualism
• De andiska principerna för visdom och harmoni för att uppnå balans i våra liv
• Tawa Inka energiövningar för balans och helande
• TAWA CHAKANA inkaritual och initiering: mottagande av de nya energierna, utrensning och rening från visdomskällan
• Inka ljudhealing, ceremoniell visionär trumcirkel och Native Nectar helig dans
• Visdom från kakaoanden, Inka Kakaoceremoni

En lättare vegetarisk måltid kommer att serveras, samt varma drycker och tilltugg.

Att ta med
-Något att sitta på
-Instrument, om du vill spela.
-En mugg och en sked till kakaoceremonin.
-Ni är välkomna att ta med gåvor i form av frön, blommor, sötsaker, naturlig rökelse, färsk eller torkad frukt, eller andra organiska produkter.

För att kakaodrycken ska ha så stor verkan som möjligt och att utrensningen inte blir så intensiv rekommenderas att du har en lätt diet åtminstone 2 dagar innan eventet, gärna längre. Endast vegetarisk mat, inget socker, inget vitt bröd, inga laktosprodukter, ingen alkohol och droger. Ät helst ekologisk mat och undvik kemikalier. Istället för socker kan du äta honung eller agave sirap och byt ut salt mot havssalt eller himalayasalt. Avhållsamhet från sex rekommenderas före ceremonin.

Om du tar mediciner eller har någon hjärtsjukdom måste du meddela detta.

Ha gärna på er naturliga kläder som är sköna med bra rörlighet och i ljusa färger (naturliga vita färger, ljusa jordtoner etc) för att synkronisera lättare med kakaoanden.

Evenemanget kommer att hållas på engelska.

Individuella healingsessioner
Två dagar före och två dagar efter evenemanget erbjuder Inkari privata healingsessioner. Rekommenderas varmt!
Pris 700 kr som betalas på plats. Boka genom kontakt på PM eller ring 073-6969291. Scrolla ner för att se mer info om vad inkahealing kan göra för dig.


Information in English:

INKA CACAO Ceremony- Inka Sound healing journey Sweden 2017

2016 brings to humanity the opportunity to achieve a broad perspective about ourselves and our collective roll and future in the planet.
How aware, open and prepare we are to integrate successfully the diversity of new information, energies and changes coming into our reality?
The Ancient wisdom of the Andean communities, called also Inkas in South America is very alive, rich and powerful and is actively remodeling the limited ideas and unbalanced concepts of our ”modern world”, showing even to our modern science its limited way of perceiving our reality.
The Andean wisdom contains vital information, wisdom, healing and insights to support individuals and collective growing in this times of transformation that we called Pachakutiq (The return of the great cycle). Guiding humanity in the achievement of a life in excellence and harmony.

Program overview
• * The Inka tradition, principles, cosmology and Spirituality.
• * Andean principles of wisdom and the Andean science of harmony to achieve balance in our lives.
• * Tawa Inka energy exercises for balancing and healing.
• * TAWA CHAKANA Inka ritual and initiation: receiving the new energies, cleansing & purification from the source of wisdom.
• *Inka sound healing journey, Ceremonial visionary drumming circle & Native NECTAR sacred dance.
• The wisdom of the Inka Kakao spirit, INKA KAKAO CEREMONY & celebration.
*The participants are welcome to bring gifts to our collective abundance table, in the form of: seeds, flowers, sweets, natural incense, fresh or dry fruits and organic ecological foods to be share together (Organic & natural products are recommended)

Inka energy & sound healing individual sessions

Individual private healing sessions with Inkari will be available before and after the event.
The sessions must be book ahead in time with the respective organizers.

What is Inka Healing?

Inka healing is an ancient system of techniques of the Inka people of the Andes, achieve under thousands of years of pure observation and study of nature.
Living creative energy (ki, Chi, Prana or Kawsay as we called in the Inka ancient language) is manifest in all of creation and the Earth (Pacha Mama), Mountains (Apus), elders Ancestors, helper spirits from nature and animal spirits. Inka healing is an efficient method to remove and transform the heavy energies which causes blockages, through various healing techniques such as extraction, illumination and transmutation (of heavy energy into light), sound vibrational and resonance healing, and energetic rewiring.
Living energy that has been lost can be reclaimed through soul retrieval and energy investiture.
Pedro Inkari, healer/shaman, from a family tradition of five generations, is here sharing this wisdom from the Inka people with us.


For over five thousand years, different cultures in the Andes produced psycho-acoustically tuned ceremonial Instruments which produce vibrations that induce an expanded state of consciousness different from anything known today. When the European conquistadors entered their land they did not share the sacred sound experience with the invaders. For hundreds of years this sacred sound healing form have remained silent, waiting for this point in history to reawaken and be shared.

What can Inka Healing do for you?

• Effectively Ground your system with a natural grid of energy, bringing you back to your own power.
• Prevent, energetical, emotional, physical and Mental illnesses.
• Remove stagnated heavy energies from your system and release of past blockages and traumatic memory.
• Empower your creativity and create Joy In Your Life.
• Develop Your capacity To Give And Receive the natural flow of energy (Love, healing, abundance, wisdom, realization)
• Helps You reconnect with the natural forces, wisdom of nature and your own self, generating purpose and vitality in life.
• Open the possibilities for you to identify, feel, understand and see your own life vision.
Sessions duration around 40 min to 1 hr.

INKA SACRED KACAO CEREMONY: An ancient heart-opening & consciousness expanding ceremony.
The Inka and Mayans consumed Cacao in a variety of forms: in ceremonies, as a medicine, for vision quest, as aphrodisiac and in celebration and rituals to open their hearts, connect with higher natural frequencies & expand their consciousness and creativity.
(We introduced in Scandinavia the first Inka Cacao ceremony 8 years ago and we feel is time to share it in the North again)
The Sacred Inka Cacao (KACAO) ceremony open the portals to explore the subtile essence and wisdom in our reality, we create a suitable space for the Kakao sacred spirit to guide us, according to Andean ancient family tradition from our Inka ancestors from Perú, using also the mystic sounds, vibration and frequency from ancient Inka instruments, meditation, dance, breathing exercises and more.
Setting powerful intentions and learning how the ritualistic drinking of our sacred Cacao elixir of wisdom or the brew of the gods could be use as a manifestation and balancing tool in our lives.
In this sacred safe space you will enter a living network of rich and meaningful exploration, grounding experiences, a heightened sense of connectedness with a natural grid of energy and wisdom, and the potential of your own inner power.
Some of the benefits of Cacao Medicine

CACAO has been celebrated as the Food of the Gods.
This Magical Bean:
Induces and celebrates LOVE…
Creates a chemical euphoria that fosters a joyful relationship with all living things
Helps to open the heart chakra
Brings culinary joy
Calls forth peace and compassion and lowers stress
Is naturally high in antioxidants
Has aphrodisiac qualities
Stimulates the imagination
Feeds the God/ Goddess-Spirit within You
In short, It’s Heaven on Earth!

About the facilitator:
Inkari, wisdom keeper and official ambassador from the Inka community, Andean mystic, hertbalist and healer (Five generations family line tradition) from the Andes in Peru.
Initiated into Shamanism (North & South traditions) Visionary, teacher, sound healer, coach, author and artist.
Founder of TAWA Inka Andean international Platform for awareness.
Inkari have an experience and deep knowledge in the alternative wisdom, energy work and techniques of more than 20 years, sharing this knowledge all around the world the last ten years, integrating also the cutting edge science, technology, information, and tools of quantum physics, Neuroscience, nutrition, frequency and sound applications, resonance, and vibrational modeling, Zen, Taoism, and Tantra, in order to create a bridging platform between spirituality/ science, ancient and modern wisdom that is grounded and integrated in our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetical intelligences and bodies.
NATIVE NECTAR- Sacred Dance & Music™
“Raymi” in the old language of the inkas means celebration & joyful expansion.™
A sacred dynamic space for exploration, expressive movement, tribal transformation, divine sweat and celebration.
A unique opportunity to explore movements that are designed to clear the body of heavy energy through the use of ancient Inka Andean tribal energy dance from South America and shamanic dance styles. These sacred movements are fused into one vivid dance experience.

Welcome to a unique, instructive and rich event.

TAWA -Inka Andean Platform website:



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